Provided Services

For businesses- subject to G.E.MI.

Certificates / Copies

Issue the certificates or get the copies you need now

Applications for Variation

Submit change requests based on the legal form of your business

Disposal of
Digital Signature

Choose a legal representative of your business to provide a digital signature

Duty Refunds

Submission of applications for refund of G.E.MI. fees

Payments / Annual
Unit Fee

Make the mandatory payments of your business as a liable member of the GEMI

For the general public


Search for public data of the businesses subject to the GEMI


Search for statistics and entrepreneurship indicators from the GEMI database

Data Provision

Find out about the provision of G.E.MI. data to third parties


Search for companies in <br> the European Union

Follow a company

Find out now about the progress of a business you are interested in

For future entrepreneurs


Set up a business from the One-Stop-Shop (e-OSS)

Cost calculation

Carry out automatic calculation of set-up costs via One stop Service.

Name/DT check

Check the availability of Brand Name / Distinctive Title at county level

Check KAD

Checked KAD that can be recommended by One stop Service

95 FF3, App Street Avenue
NSW 96209, Canada

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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