The purpose of the G.E.M.I. is described in article 85 of Law 4919/2022.

Purpose of the General Commercial Register – Definitions

  1. The General Commercial Register (hereinafter referred to as G.E.M.E.) is: a) the National Commercial Publicity Register, in which the publicity of acts, data and/or declarations of the persons liable is carried out, and b) the Greek electronic national publicity bulletin within the meaning of paragraphs 1 and 5 of Article 16 of Directive (EU) 2017/1132.
  2. For the purposes of this Law, the following definitions shall apply:

    a) “Commercial publicity”: the registration or registration and publication in the G.E.M. of acts or data requiring publicity.

    b) “Constitutive publicity”: the registration and simultaneous publication of acts, data or declarations in the G.E.I., the legal effects of which, in accordance with the relevant provisions, commence from the date of registration and simultaneous publication in the G.E.I.

    c) ‘Declaratory publicity’ means the registration and simultaneous publication in the G.E.I. of acts, particulars or declarations, the legal effects of which, in accordance with the relevant provisions, take effect from the date on which they are made.

    d) “Legality check”: the substantive preventive check carried out by the G.I.P.S. in order to ascertain that the content of the acts, particulars and declarations to be registered and published are in conformity with the statutes and with the provisions of mandatory law governing the legal person concerned, without, however, including in the scope of the check issues of nullity of the aforementioned acts.

    e) ‘completeness check’: the formal check carried out by the G.I.P.M. in order to verify that the application for registration and publication of an act, element or declaration is accompanied by all the supporting documents provided for in each case, without going into their content.

    f) ‘Automated registration’ means the registration and publication of acts, particulars or declarations carried out electronically in the G.E.M.E. by the person liable himself, without any check on completeness or legality being required.

    g) ‘G.E.I.M. Information System’ means the electronic system for the registration – storage of acts, data or declarations and the information and communication technology infrastructure supporting it.

    h) “G.E.M.I. website” means the website on which the publication of a registered act, element or declaration, which according to the legislation in force requires commercial publicity, takes place.

    i) ‘European Central Platform’ means the interconnection system of the Member States’ Central and Commercial Registers and Registers of Companies (BRIS).

    j) “Interoperability” means the interconnection of Information Systems for the purpose of exchanging information registered in them for the implementation of the “one-stop shop” principle.

    k) “G.E.I.M. Services (G.E.I.M. Services)” means the Services entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the G.E.I.M. and making the acts, data or declarations registered therein commercially available to the public.

    l) “Register of certified users of the G.E.M.I. and the OSS”: the register of natural persons specifically authorised to make entries and publications in the G.E.M.I. and One-Stop-Shop information systems.

    m) “Authorised G.E.M.I. user” means an authorised employee of the G.E.M.I. who enters and publishes acts, data or declarations in the G.E.M.I. information system and an authorised notary who enters and publishes notarial acts in the G.E.M.I. information system.

    n) “Authorised user of the OSS” means an authorised employee of the OSS and an authorised notary who acts as a One-Stop-Shop for the establishment of companies.

  3. The provisions of this Law shall not affect the competence of other services, bodies and authorities responsible for checking the legality of the registrable acts and data, in accordance with the legislation in force. Such acts are a necessary condition for registration in the G.E.M. and for any further registration, modification or deletion of the liable persons.

    The provisions of this Law shall not affect:

    a) the competence of public authorities, provided for by special provisions, to keep special registers for purposes other than that of commercial publicity.

    b) the possibility for Chambers to keep registers for their members independently of the G.E.M.I. in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 4497/2017 (A΄ 171).

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