Terms of Use

The navigation – browsing of the General Commercial Register G.E.M.I. which is posted on the “.gr” domain name as well as the special services offered to its users, is subject to the following terms of use:

Α. General

  1. This website contains data and services that belong to or are supervised or serviced by the Ministry of Digital Governance or data and services for which the Ministry is authorised to process and manage them

  2. Navigation on the Single Digital Portal of the Public Administration and the use of specific services offered by this website, requires the unconditional acceptance by the user of these or more specific per service terms of use, as included in this document.

  3. The navigation of the user in the Single Digital Portal of the Public Administration and the use of the services offered must be carried out only for legitimate purposes and in a lawful manner and in accordance with the specific instructions for use of each service.

  4. The user of the portal must refrain during his/her interaction with the portal from any act of malicious use of the software and its systems, from any attempt of unauthorized access to a system or subsystem of the software and from any act of identification – entry to the portal services without authorized use of the access data.

  5. Each user bears individual personal responsibility for safeguarding his/her access data. The Ministry of Digital Governance will confirm the user’s identity details (authentication)_, as during the login procedure to the services of the General Secretariat for Public Administration Information Systems (taxisnet), without excluding other means of authentication for the creation of secure structures, with data obtained with the consent of the user-subject from third parties, or with high quality data from personal smart devices.

  6. The Ministry of Digital Governance shall take all necessary measures, both technical and organisational, to ensure to the maximum extent possible the accuracy of the information posted on the Website and the continuity and uninterrupted operation of the structure, without being able to guarantee the absolute completeness, correctness or continuity of the operation of the structure. Changes in the content of the information and data posted on the main host websites or in specific services of the portal software may take place at any time, without any active notification of the users.

  7. The acceptance of the terms of use, policies, system restrictions and especially the consents for the transmission or the refusals to do so, when it comes to personal data, specific or not, within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), will take place at a stage after the authentication of the user. Therefore, in principle, they will not be contestable and the user will bear the burden of proving a system failure or force majeure situation or another good reason why the process did not lead to the authentication of the specific user who used the service or the third party lawfully authorised by the user.

  8. It is recommended that users take every measure to protect the integrity and security of their information systems, hardware and software, so that access data and portal usage data stored on the local storage media of users’ devices, whether portable or not, are adequately protected. Any failure of the users’ systems or leakage of connection or usage data due to the intrusion of malicious software into the user’s operating system does not relieve the latter of its obligations under these terms and conditions, does not constitute an event of force majeure or an exceptional circumstance, nor does it entail any liability on the part of the Ministry of Digital Government for the damage that the user may suffer.

  9. Users must have the latest operating system and browsing software installed, in order to achieve the maximum possible interoperability of the portal software. The portal software is structured and designed to interact with any browser and operating system. Technical limitations are not excluded. This paragraph does not constitute a guarantee of interoperability, as this depends on the software of each user.

  10. The portal may include hyperlinks to other external websites. These hyperlinks are provided for the convenience of users only and not as a list of websites whose content has been posted, approved or adopted in any way by the Ministry of Digital Government.

  11. The use of the portal services may or may not fully substitute the provision of the service at a physical point of contact with citizens, before a CCP or other public authority or service. The user must refer to the specific terms of use of each service, which are chapters of this document, in order to be informed of the degree of substitution of the provision of the service by a physical service point and, if he/she wishes to be served exclusively at a physical service point, the manner, place and time at which this takes place.

  12. The Ministry of Digital Government shall not be liable for any damage (direct or indirect, positive or consequential) that the user of the portal and its services may suffer from the use or inability to use it, from delays in its use, from failures or omissions in it, regardless of cause, such as, but not limited to, failures of telecommunications equipment or quality of internet connection, which are within the sphere of influence of the user or the third party telecommunications service provider to the user.

  13. The user, when using the electronic services of the Single Digital Portal of the Public Administration, must provide exclusively true, accurate, valid and complete information on the data submitted, either for authentication, or when entering free data or in closed type options (drop down menu) in the portal software (creation of documents, etc.).

  14. In the event that a user commits a malicious act or misuse of the portal’s software and services, in violation of these terms and conditions and/or the applicable legislation, the Ministry of Digital Governance is entitled, in addition to the actions taken to safeguard its legal rights and the transmission of a file to the competent authorities for investigation of any criminal offences and any administrative violations, to take as a temporary measure to protect the portal the deactivation of access to the user who has demonstrated the aforementioned non-compliance. The lifting of this restriction or objections will be examined by the General Secretariat for Public Administration Information Systems.

  15. In the event of a force majeure event affecting the operation of the portal, as defined by legislation and case law, the Ministry of Digital Governance is entitled at its absolute and exclusive discretion to suspend the operation of the portal and its services, for as long as the force majeure event lasts, without any liability towards users and without having to follow a procedure of prior notification of users to this effect.

  16. This policy – terms of use and the specific chapters thereof, shall be deemed to be fully accepted upon authentication of the user. Partial or conditional acceptance of these terms and conditions is not possible. Any refusal to accept the terms of use implies the obligation of users to cease all use of the portal (browsing – navigation – login to use services).

  17. For each service, a user guide may be posted with a description of the application and relevant audiovisual material. The instructions for use are not an annex to these guidelines and relate solely to the way in which the system is used. The Ministry of Digital Government will ensure that these documents are amended as soon as possible to bring them into line with any new features – functionality of the portal, if necessary.

  18. The Ministry of Digital Government may amend these terms of use in whole or in part at its sole discretion. Any new codified and amended text will be effective immediately upon posting, without any other condition or observance of any deadline or special procedure.

  19. In the event that any provision or provisions herein are held invalid, such invalidity shall apply only to such provisions and shall not affect the provisions as a whole.

  20. For any dispute that may arise from the application of the terms and conditions and the use of the portal, the competent Courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Β. Specifically for the Electronic Application, Electronic Declaration & Electronic Authorization Services

  1. The Digital Declaration System (DDS) in Version 1.0 offers the services of electronic application, electronic declaration and electronic authorisation to natural persons. In summary, the SYPSID supports the following features:
    1. Accounts for natural persons
    2. Hierarchical accounts for entities organised in domains with supervisors and operators
    3. Creation of templates for electronic applications, electronic declarations and electronic authorisations
    4. Create templates for e-applications, e-responsible statements and e-authorisations
    5. Completion of e-applications, e-responsible statements and e-authorisations from a template
    6. Issue completed e-applications, e-responsible statements and e-authorisations
    7. Notification of issued e-applications, e-declarations and e-authorisations
    8. Withdrawal of issued e-applications, e-declarations and e-authorisations
    9. Receipt of electronic applications, electronic declarations and electronic authorisations
    10. Viewing and searching incoming notifications

  2. Authorized users are those who are identified by the authentication system of the single digital portal GOV.GR through a verified device in their possession (strong authentication method with One-Time-Password – 2nd factor authentication). By using the application, the user can issue the following documents in paperless/electronic form, with the simultaneous possibility of printing an unlimited number of official copies:
      1. Declaration of responsibility
      2. Authorisation
      3. Application
      4. Other Documents (Templates)
  3. The above documents are issued using an electronic secure structure that certifies the time of issue, the user who drafted the document and the content of the document. The above does not imply acceptance of the content of the document by the recipient or the Ministry of Digital Government or a third party, but only strictly substitutes an electronic secure structure to certify the identity of the user who drafted the document, so that it is considered as a document with a definite date and, by law, as an intangible document with a certified signature. Each document carries a unique identification number (ID) which is also captured in the form of a QR code.

  4. The use of this service requires the authentication of the user in accordance with the procedure and conditions set out above.

  5. These documents may be made available by direct electronic transmission of a unique hyperlink or the unique verification ID to each recipient, printed as official copies, either physical – paper or electronic – intangible (pdf).

  6. The documents that the user can choose to draft through this portal service are standardised (Declaration of Independence, Authorisation, Application), or non-standardised, in the sense of the proposed (not official) standard. The user cannot enter his own document template or modify the format of the electronic document, but always chooses from the available ones.

  7. The service software uses a two-factor authentication (2FA) procedure to authenticate the user and issue the document with the above characteristics. For the authentication service to work, the user must provide a Greek (+30) mobile phone number without the international prefix +30, so that the user can receive a six-digit PIN number via SMS to issue the document with the above-mentioned secure structure features. The software cannot allow the document to be issued if the user does not have access to a device connected to a GSM network that can receive SMS messages.

  8. The User, before drafting the main document by filling in free text fields or closed drop down options, shall provide the portal with his/her mobile phone number as described above and his/her address (residential or business). These data are used exclusively and only for the issuance of the declaration document and do not update the data of the natural person – user in the GIS (taxisnet) in an automated or non-automated way.

  9. The user defines the recipient of the document either by entry from an existing closed list or by free entry. The identification of the addressee of the document is mandatory for the completion of its issue. The user shall be solely responsible for the dispatch and successful delivery of the document (in paper or paperless electronic form) to the addressee, if there is no automated procedure structured as a service of the portal for this purpose.

  10. Each user is entitled to access a personal electronic mailbox of documents issued by him or her. The maximum capacity of this safe deposit box is set at ten documents and the maximum retention period for each document is thirty (30) days from its issue. The software may also support an inbox for incoming documents, with the same capacity and document retention characteristics.

  11. The free content in each document produced electronically must be fully compatible and appropriate with the purpose for which the document was issued and in any case must not include content that is abusive, defamatory, insulting, hateful and, in general, content the communication of which constitutes the commission of an unlawful act within the meaning of the Criminal Code and any other Special Criminal Law. Otherwise, the provisions of these terms of use on misuse of the service shall apply. The Ministry of Digital Governance has the right to carry out a random check of the documents produced through the portal in order to ensure the above and improve the quality of the service. The possibility of filtering words or phrases subject to the above prohibitions is not excluded.

  12. The responsibility for the legality and suitability of the use of electronic documents issued through the Single Digital Portal of the Public Administration rests solely with the users and authors of such documents and in no way with the Ministry of Digital Governance. The Ministry of Digital Government bears no responsibility for the content of the applications, declarations and authorisations submitted.

  13. All data provided by the user of the Single Digital Portal of the Public Administration shall not be used for any other purpose than that described in this portal/e-service. The accuracy of the data submitted by the user is the responsibility of the user and any damage (direct or indirect, positive or consequential) resulting from the submission of inaccurate data is the responsibility of the user and in no case the Ministry of Digital Government.

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