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In this application you can apply for a refund of the G.E.MI. fees if you have made an incorrect payment.

In the “Submit application” tab, you will fill in your company’s G.E.MI. number and the protocol number of the application you submitted to pay the G.E.MI. fee for which you are requesting a refund.

The system will check the validity of the combination of the VAT number and the application file number and if it is correct, your business name and the amount you are requesting a refund will be displayed.

In the next screen that will be automatically redirected, you will have to fill in an e-mail in which you will be informed about the progress of your application, the IBAN of your account to which the amount will be deposited in case the refund is approved and in the tab “documents” you will attach, after digitizing the documents: the payment request and the proof of deposit of the amount.

If your claim is not approved, you will receive a message explaining the reason for the cancellation.

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