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Commercial Publicity (Article 92) - Recording of all acts and data registered in the G.E.M.I., for the main legal types.

Publicity is carried out by the registration or entry of the acts and data of the persons liable in the G.E.MI., the simultaneous publication of these acts on the website of the G.E.MI. either in whole or in part of the acts requiring commercial publicity.

Constitutive publicity (Article 93):

The publication of the acts of the N.P. is mandatory in order to acquire legal personality, to effect the amendment of the articles of association, to carry out the merger, division, or transformation into another corporate transformation without prejudice to the provisions of Law 4601 /2019 or other more specific law, the dissolution of the company following a decision of the partners or the adoption of a relevant administrative act, the liquidation or revival of the liquidation of the company, or revival of the N.P., the loss of legal personality with the registration of the deletion of the debtor.

Legal Consequence of Publicity (Article 94)

Non-reproducible legal consequences

The persons referred to in Article 86 may not bring to the attention of third parties information about which the publicity formalities were not complied with unless they prove that the third parties were aware of it, hence a rebuttable presumption in favour of the P.P.s and N.P.s.

In the event of a discrepancy between the published text and the facts and acts relied on by the parties, the published text prevails, again allowing them to rebut it by proving the knowledge of third parties.

In the event of a discrepancy between the date of publication and the date of registration, the date of publication and not the date of registration of the acts shall be taken into account for the depreciation periods, in the context of compliance with and fulfilment of the principle of publicity.

In the framework of the project “Digital Transformation of Entrepreneurship”, the existing Publicity application ( is extended to include more search elements. Indicatively, and in addition to the existing search criteria, searches with criteria such as:

  • Association of an individual with a business,
  • Identification of a natural person, with criteria such as VAT number, full name
  • Role of the natural person in the enterprise such as member/shareholder, manager, etc.
  • Details of the headquarters of the enterprise such as Postal Code, City, County and Region
  • Activity details identifying one or more ZIP codes; – with a hierarchical organisation of more than one level
  • Range of date of incorporation
  • State of the enterprise
  • Legal form
  • Dictionary that intelligently searches for Names and Distinctive Titles, regardless of spelling and use or not of Latin characters
  • Special sub-page with the most recent company changes as registered in the system Once a search has been carried out, all results are returned in table format just below the search with a relevant link leading to the publicity details of each company, which provide information in relation to
     – Key Company Data
     – Background of Distinctive Securities
     – Contact Details

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