I want to find information about a Company

To search for information about a business use the online Publication application of the G.E.MI., through which you can:

Search for businesses through the search field by filling in details such as:

  • G.E.MI. Number.
  • Name or part of it
  • Distinctive Title or part of it

Specify the search for the word you typed in the search field, you can fill in the “Search to apply to” field with options:

  • All
  • Company name
  • Distinctive Title

Search for businesses of specific characteristics by filling in the desired filters. Specifically, the filters available to the user are:

  • Legal form
  • Status
  • Competent G.E.MI. Office
  • Activity
  • Filter Business Creation/Closure Dates and Changes
  • Location
  • City
  • P.C.

Fill in both the search field and provided filters for a more targeted search. In any case, the first five hundred (500) results that match the criteria you entered will be returned.

Through the European e-Justice Portal you can search for business information from the EU’s national commercial registers that have developed interconnectivity (including the G.E.M.I.) as well as those of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The search is carried out using the name and trade register number of the company you wish to search for.

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Opening Hours:

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